Tito Jones Weekend Boxing Wrap

Damn what a left hook!!!!!!!

With one left hook, Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire is finally back in the picture as a pound for pound fighter. All those years he let the big win over Vic Darchinyan die on the vine are gone.

The Philippines is now going to have to make room for a second superstar. Congressman Manny Pacquiao  is going to have to get ready for some competition because Donaire is a good looking, well spoken, action fighter with a hot wife and a growing fanbase. I have to say I didn’t think he would go that far after he went into anonymity over the past three years. But now? Dude is a real star which is rare for he lower weight classes. We know boxing needs it. Hopefully Bob Arum is going to treat him like one.

Mike Jones has no legs at all. He’s like Johnny Drama with those calves.

I think dude needs to move up to 154. He looks afraid to mix it up in there or he will get tired. Jesus Soto-Karass has serious balls to keep going with his eyes cut like that but I have to think if the ref said they were caused by a head butt he would have stopped the fight. I wish Berto would have fought Jones. Now? I think Jones moves up and Berto gets stuck with one less opponent. Well, maybe Berto can call out Donaire after Ortiz.

How shitty is Matt Vanda? He just got beat AGAIN by nearly 40 year old Yory Boy Campas.

This is the same Matt Vanda that people think beat Chavez, jr. I guess that means he sucks even worse. I hope Yory Boy is saving all he has because damn, man, it’s getting past the end. Same old boxing. If someone vaguely remembers a name, someone will make them fight.

Mercito Gesta looked solid in beating up Genaro Trazancos AGAIN. At least he stopped him sooner. Gesta looked sharper than in the past. He is getting more accurate and his punches are straighter. Now let’s see if he can step it up in competition.

On the other hand, Eloy Perez looked really ordinary taking on Speedy Gonzalez, who was not so speedy. Perez should have gotten him out of there. Instead he put on a pretty boring show.

I did like Fernando Guerrero on Friday Night Fights. He is looking sharp right now. He faded bad in the Ishe Smith fight and got schooled even though he won. But in this fight, he was patient and accurate, picking his shots and not wasting energy. I like his chances to be a world champion down the line.

On that undercard, I was less than impressed by Shawn Porter. Yeah he won but dude just looks ordinary to me. The power is so so and the just seems like a guy who is going to go the distance every time out. he should have gotten Adjaho out of there. That is the sign of a real contender: you get the guys you need to out of there.

That’s a wrap.

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