Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto: The Overrated bowl

It’s official: the two most overrated fighters in recent memory are going to square off on April 16 as part of  a split site HBO telecast as the co-feature to Amir Khan vs. Paul McClosky. All that is left is for the Overrated Bowl to find a venue.

Most fans seem to think this is not a good fight; a “same as it ever was” fight for Berto who is the best junior welterweight in the welterweight division; a fighter who seems to feast on people either coming up in weight or down in weight while avoiding twice fights with Shane Mosley.

Me? I love this fight.

Ortiz is not your typical Berto opponent. He is taller than Berto at 5’9″, is a southpaw, which gives Berto trouble (see the Luis Collazo fight) and in his physical prime. The way he has been weighing in on fight night, near the junior middleweight limit, says he should move up anyways. Add in that he has good speed and power and Victor Ortiz is the most dangerous guy Berto has fought in years.

Andre Berto is an Al Haymon trust fund baby; a solid fighter who is nothing special and yet HBO keeps putting him on the air like he is the next coming of Sugar Ray Robinson and they don;t want you to miss out. Truth is he would not be on there so much if he was with anyone else. He has speed that is average, a punch that doesn’t seem all that and a chin that is suspect just like Ortiz.

Together, two bad chins, decent power, good speed, and athleticism plus both fighters wanting to prove they are for real and this one looks like it could be fun for as long as it lasts.

If Ortiz does, he will end one of the worst reigns in welterweight history and prove his early promise was no joke.

If Berto wins, he gets rid of one of the myth of Ortiz and finally beats someone born this century.

Win win, I say.

I’ll give you my pick when the fight gets closer. No matter who wins, it will be good for boxing.

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One Response to Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto: The Overrated bowl

  1. Emmanuel Denau says:

    We all know these fighters are great fighters. Happy to see Berto fight in April, it’s been a while, but this may be yet a tough fight for Berto. If he wins this fight against Ortis, wow, Berto will be a force to be wrecking with. I am leaning on Berto to win this fight (if I didn’t make that obvious already). I wish he would of had a chance to fight Mosely, but Mayweather shying away from Pacman and the devastation in Haiti kept it from happening. Now, what will happen after the fight in April when the winner is announce? Let me toss a name in the hat for you promoters, Randall Bailey, yes I said it, and you guys probably have already heard that name floating around. Lets make it happen, what is the problem, don’t take on the Mayweather syndrome.

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