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I got Miguel Acosta

This is going to be a war. Miguel Acosta (28-3-2 with 22 KOs)  vs. Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios (260-1 with 19 KOs) for some lightweight belt. This is not a easy fight or a fight for a vacant bullshit title. This is a fight between two guys who know how to throw and will do it all night long. I can’t wait.

When you look at Bam Bam, he is like a better version of Urbano Antillon who Acosta worked over in July of  2009  to the surprise of everyone.

I’m wondering why Top Rank went back to this well. Maybe they know something we don’t. Me? I know what I saw when Acosta worked over Paulus Moses in six rounds in Namibia last year. This is a guy who box and brawl, who has power to spare and knows how to deliver it from distant with a right hand or in close with an uppercut. He’s  big, strong, and at 32, fully mature fighter who is peaking at the right time.

Rios is an underrated boxer but he forgets to jab coming in, loves a brawl too much.

I think this will work against him. Bam Bam has to be very disciplined. He has to jab twice coming in and not stay on the inside too long after landing. One thing Rios has going for him is he is very accurate. He in unnaturally so like he showed with Omri Lowther; even though he was out of shape eh showed he can hit you from anywhere with accuracy. With Acosta, he has to be careful, measured and patient.

Problem is, he isn’t.

I think Acosta works over Rios in a war and his strength and experience takes over late. Acosta by late rounds stoppage.

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Tito Jones Weekend Boxing Wrap

Damn what a left hook!!!!!!!

With one left hook, Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire is finally back in the picture as a pound for pound fighter. All those years he let the big win over Vic Darchinyan die on the vine are gone.

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Donaire vs. Montiel: Battle of Little Big Men

The big fight is here! Fernando Montiel  44-2-2 with 34 KO vs. Nonito Donaire 25-1 with 17 KOs at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The fight is one of the best match ups boxing has seen in years. It’s a classic match up between two fighters who can box and bang and represents the best the bantamweights have to offer. That is until the 118 tournament is finished and Bob Arum gives us what we want in having them face the winner of this fight.

Looking at the fight, I like Donaire a lot in this one. He has been fighting the midget of the month club lately but in that last fight against Sidorenko, he looked like the Donaire who beat the hell out of Donaire and knocked him out.

I think he is just too big, too athletic, too powerful and too fast for Montiel.

Montiel has been a bad ass lately. He will go anywhere, fight anyone and is exactly what fight fans love in a fighter. Still, when you look back and see the Jhonny Gonzalez fight, you see a guy who can’t deal with a jab and size. Then you look at the Hasegawa fight. Montile was losing that whole fight and then BOOM! dude got lucky.

In the Gonzalez fight he showed he can be outboxed. In the Hasegawa fight  he might’ve showed his age.

I think Donaire uses his reach and speed to keep Montiel guessing all night. Fernando will have his moments and is experienced enough to not get knocked out. Give me Donaire by decision.

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Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto: The Overrated bowl

It’s official: the two most overrated fighters in recent memory are going to square off on April 16 as part of  a split site HBO telecast as the co-feature to Amir Khan vs. Paul McClosky. All that is left is for the Overrated Bowl to find a venue.

Most fans seem to think this is not a good fight; a “same as it ever was” fight for Berto who is the best junior welterweight in the welterweight division; a fighter who seems to feast on people either coming up in weight or down in weight while avoiding twice fights with Shane Mosley.

Me? I love this fight.

Ortiz is not your typical Berto opponent. He is taller than Berto at 5’9″, is a southpaw, which gives Berto trouble (see the Luis Collazo fight) and in his physical prime. The way he has been weighing in on fight night, near the junior middleweight limit, says he should move up anyways. Add in that he has good speed and power and Victor Ortiz is the most dangerous guy Berto has fought in years.

Andre Berto is an Al Haymon trust fund baby; a solid fighter who is nothing special and yet HBO keeps putting him on the air like he is the next coming of Sugar Ray Robinson and they don;t want you to miss out. Truth is he would not be on there so much if he was with anyone else. He has speed that is average, a punch that doesn’t seem all that and a chin that is suspect just like Ortiz.

Together, two bad chins, decent power, good speed, and athleticism plus both fighters wanting to prove they are for real and this one looks like it could be fun for as long as it lasts.

If Ortiz does, he will end one of the worst reigns in welterweight history and prove his early promise was no joke.

If Berto wins, he gets rid of one of the myth of Ortiz and finally beats someone born this century.

Win win, I say.

I’ll give you my pick when the fight gets closer. No matter who wins, it will be good for boxing.

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Tito Jones Picks the Fights

What’s up, people? Tito Jones here bringing you my picks for this weekend’s fights.

Today is the anniversary of Tyson-Douglas

but I gotta say, there will be no honorary upsets in their honor this weekend.

First up in Canada we have Friday Night Fights with Antonin Decarie (24-1) vs. Shamone Alvarez (21-3). I’m taking Decarie here. I don’t know much about him but Alvarez has had his shot and I think he is just an opponent here. If it goes the distance, I think Decarie takes it easily.

After that we have Jo Jo Dan (27-1) vs. Steve Forbes (35-8). Forbes is waaaaaay past his prime and he doesn’t let his hands go nearly enough to win this one. I have Dan by unanimous decision.

On Showtime’s Shobox in Atlantic City,  Rico Ramos (18-0) takes on Alejandro Valdez (23-4-3). I’m not sure about Ramos’ power but he is a fast guy and Valdez just seems like an opponent. Ramos by late TKO.

Eddie Chambers (35-2) vs. Derric Rossy (25-2). Hmmmm, that’s pretty easy. Eddie Chambers by decision. He’s a better boxer and beaten better people.

Cornelius White (16-0) vs. Don George (20-1-1). This one is tough because no one I know has seen White. George got exposed in his last fight but I have a feeling that this is a get back fight. Give me George by decision.

On Telefutura, Peter Quillin (22-0) fights Dennis Sharpe (17-5-3). Sharpe is old, hasn’t fought in years and wasn’t very good when he was fighting. Quillin by brutal knockout.

In Germany Steve Cunningham (23-2) gets a little tune up action against Enad Licina (19-2). Cunningham by KO.

Arthur Abraham (31-2) needs a new engine but he’ll settle for an oil change against  Stjepan Bozic (24-4). I say Arthur Abraham by nasty knockout late.

Finally, in  Guadalajara, Mexico on  FOX Sports Marco Antonio Barrera (66-7) will blast out  Jose Arias (15-1) for your viewing pleasure.

It’s going to be a good weekend for fights.

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Around the boxing world with Tito Jones

Around the boxing world with Tito Jones

Boxing360’s super middleweight Lennox “2Sharpe” Allen has been added to the February 11 Derick Rossy vs. Eddie Chambers card at Bally’s in Atlantic City. Lennox is on a nice run right now and this kind of activity is just what we wanted out of 2011 for him. We’ll keep you updated on who the opponent will be.

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of Tim Bradley’s dome changing the way fights go. He can say he isn’t trying all he wants to but the facts are there. His last 7 fights have had head butts in them. I know the guy has a giant cabessa but come on. This is ridiculous. Can we take a collection and get him a head reduction? Wait, let’s do it after the Amir Khan/Bradley fight HBO will probably put on this year.

Speaking of HBO, is it me or are these guys taking a worse beating than Khan did in that tenth round with Maidana? They lost Many Pacquiao, Showtime is coming up with tournaments and good fights left and right and meanwhile, HBO just blew a ton of their budget for the year on Bradley and Alexander who excite maybe two people. Something needs to change over there and fast.

Did anyone else thins Luis Franco and Lateef ‘2Stiff’ Kayode lost big time last weekend? No way they won. Lateef would not be where he is and would not get that win if Freddie Roach, everybody’s favorite trainer, was not in his corner. Lateef is a great example that it isn’t what you know (have you seen him “box”?) but who you know.

The WBC rankings came out today. And here I thought the Ring ratings were weird. Saul Alvarez is the best 154 pounder? Really? Then why does he keep saying he is a welterweight? And how is Paul Williams at #3? He is clearly the best at getting KO’d at 160? Maybe they have high hopes for him doing the same at 154. The WBC proving that it isn’t what you know but who pays you off the best.

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